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Epic Battles
Fight for glory - because you've got
nothing else to do!
Improvised Weapons
Beat your foe over the head with a bag of ice, or
cut them up with pop can throwing stars!
Mine a Fortune!
Mine real cryptocurrency or win it in
weekly smackdown fights!
BitBums is an online php video game, players take on one of the BitBums characters and fight to earn power, and use random trash and old computer parts to build makeshift crypto mining rigs.
Level Up and Win
Level up your character, build make-shift mining rigs, and fight to be the top BitBum. You'll mine a real magic interweb money in-game and compete to win amazing prizes..
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and get a chance to win up to $25,000 worth
of in-game items
Blockchain Based Items
Currencies and items in BitBums exist on the Blockchain as ERC20 and ERC721 tokens, so you truly own what you earn! If that's all techncial mumbo jumbo to you, don't worry you get to fight other people and earn cool rewards.
Take Your Winnings!
Because your items and currencies are ERC20 and ERC721 tokens, you can take your items, achievements and custom avatars to other games including future games made by our team. Don't waste time in a game you'll never play again, waste your time with us so you can carry that value forward! people and earn cool rewards.
What are other people saying
The Game's Founder
"It's not the worst game ever..."
A Dude on the Bus
"I don't know what a cryptocurrency is, but I just beat up a guy with a keyboard so that's pretty rad."
Our Founder's Wife
"I had such high hopes for you...."
Take this chance to win $25,000 of in game items!